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“Reality and Beyond”- Richichi, Sealfon & Buchanan

Not one, but two inspirational women from the Hudson Valley are winners of the 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards for their intuitive abilities,

Deborah Hanlon and Linda Richichi.

Owned by the New York Times, is an online information resource

with topic sites for everydayliving. Both women were nominated under

the Holistic Healing category and overwhelmingly won their

respective area.

Hanlon  won for Best Psychic Medium. Her website,

encourages you to “Learn to trust your own intuition with your loved ones.”

Richichi won for Best Intuitive Artist.  Her Soul Portraits,

Goddess Vision artwork and workshops are creative and powerful tools

that explore the higher self and can be

seen on her online gallery at .

For the current SUNY Orange show at Kaplan Hall,

Richichi might be considered the second half of the

show’s title, Reality and Beyond.  The first half of the title

certainly applies to the realistic works of Mary

Sealfon and Clayton Buchanan who states:

“I paint the real world- those endless combinations that we

see everyday. The spontaneity and natural fitting together of

colors and shapes is a remarkable learning

ground.  My goal in painting is to comprehend and interpret

what is in front of me and share my vision.

Composing those colors and shapes drives me from painting

to painting and I am always searching to do

better- to capture the instrinic mood, that fleeting moment of

recognition when light gives birth to poetry of color.

The exhibit runs through January 4rth.

Sky #7 Acrylic by Linda Richichi

Sky #7 Acrylic by Linda Richichi
Studio : 845 527-1146



May 2, 2012

 Linda Richichi – Winner of


(associated with the NY Times)


May 2, 2012
CONTACT: Jean Campbell  or Linda Richichi

Richichi Voted’s Best Intuitive Artist

Internationally acclaimed artist and Hudson Valley local, Linda Richichi, now holds a distinction few other painters can claim; Best Intuitive Artist for 2012 in the Readers’ Choice Awards. is owned by the New York Times and is best known as an online source for information and advice that pertain to everyday living. The site consists of a number of topic areas, Holistic Healing being one of them and the category Richichi was nominated in for this year’s award. Overall, there were 23 winners in the Holistic Healing arena. Voting was on-line from the middle of January until the end of March. Richichi was a finalist with four other Intuitive Artists from across the United States, winning hands-down with over 80% of the votes.

Although Richichi is best known for plein air landscapes and portraits, her ability to paint what she feels, letting the energy of the unseen move through her, has been an influence since she started drawing as a child.  According to Richichi, “I thought every artist tapped into the muse. That is how I defined it. I would find metaphors in my paintings and they would teach me something.  As a teen, I drew images like that with ease!”  Realizing not everyone related to how she painted and  people around her rolling their eyes when she spoke of it, Richichi kept this gift to herself while building her reputation as an award winning artist/painter.

One of the turning points was a visit to the Nicholas Roerich Museum, the famous Russian mystic and painter. Taken by the bright palette of color Roerich employed, Richichi was inspired to do the same. Once she decided to “let her color go”, she found her inner vision could no longer stay unseen.  While painting a skyscape, a woman appeared accompanied by what looked to be angels coming down a staircase. “It was as though I had opened up something that I had kept blocked, which was true! All those years keeping quiet, too afraid to reveal the intuitive within me.” Titled “In the Night Sky”, this painting marked Richichi finally, openly taking her place as an Intuitive Artist.

Over the past few years, Richichi has been exploring and sharing her spiritual works, soul portraits and more recently goddess vision paintings. Being an Intuitive Artist isn’t just a kind of art for Richichi, but something much more. “I want my art to assist and empower others. To encourage them to go for their potential by seeing what their higher self has for them.”  Her goddess vision workshops are designed to do just that.  Richichi feels that the goddesses are here with us now more than ever helping us all. “The goddesses want to embrace and embody our gifts and our higher selves, reminding us how awesome we are.” Each month, her workshops focus on a goddess and her energy. From Aphrodite and her energy around love, to Kali who gives us the confidence to get through the dark aspects of ourselves to Lakshimi, the goddess who invites abundance into our lives.  The workshops allow participants to manifest the goddess energy through collage, embracing that particular goddess and what she can bring to their life.

Richichi’s soul portraits are another example of how her art reaches out to the individual’s higher self.  Working with just a name, a conversation over the phone or a photo,  Richichi can capture the essence of that person. Not their physical features but their spiritual aspects. These come to her in symbols or images and even words. “It’s much like channeling, watching my hand go, not knowing what it is going to do next. I feel as though the energy travels into my solar plexus, up through my heart and down my right arm. My mind is not engaged in it at all! ”

Is it a far cry from the traditional portraits Richichi used to paint?  “A number of years ago, I did a traditional portrait for someone and in the background painted a bridge and other images that I felt just needed to be there. The woman asked how I seemed to know her so well even though we had only met for the portrait. Turns out those images really meant something to her. Back then, I had no idea.”  Now Richichi calls it for what it is, a soul portrait.

For more information about Linda Richichi’s upcoming workshops, events and gallery openings visit To purchase her goddess cards visit RiverWinds Gallery in Beacon.


Linda Richichi Winner of Best Intuitive Artist 2012


Jan. 2012

Times Herald Record

Plein air artist Linda Richichi displays her work all over the Hudson Valley *and North America. You’ve probably seen it in places such as the Wallkill River school, Mark Gruber Gallery, and SUNY Orange. For “Transition,” a new exhibit seen now in the Ritz Theater lobby, Richichi has expanded her plein air efforts. She’s becoming a more intuitive artist, connecting with the metaphysical world to create pieces that reflect a sense of surrealism.

What: “Transition”
When: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily through April
Where: Ritz Theater, 107 Broadway, Newburgh
Price: Free
Information: Call 784-1199 or visit


Dec. 2010

By Claudia Jacobs

For the Times Herald-Record

Published: 2:00 AM – 12/19/10

The gift of art from the heart


Consider giving a special gift of art for the holidays or any time of the year. There is so much wonderful local talent throughout the Hudson Valley. Art is a very special gift, not only from the person who is gifting but also from the artist. And speaking as a decorator, I well know how art can inspire your personal space. If you are buying for a lover of art, a unique piece for that special person in your life will be very much appreciated, and buying those gifts will support local artists and businesses. One caveat: It’s important you know the recipient’s style, since taste in art is very personal.

Plein-air artist Linda Richichi works to capture the brilliance of the spiritual energy that underlies all of nature. “For me, painting is a pilgrimage, a journey into the mystery of creation and, through that sacred path, ultimately a journey into the deepest reaches of my soul. It is this distillation of both what is seen and not seen that I attempt to capture on my canvas so that viewers are inspired when viewing the art,” says Linda.

“I have become attuned to the variations of color from the different times of the year,” said the award-winning artist. “Each season displays its own unique palette. As I emphasize color more in my paintings, the world that I perceive becomes more colorful. The way the light electrifies color inspires me to get out in the early morning and late afternoon. At those times the light adds pink or orange to all it touches.”

She now offers a series of what she calls “Soul Portraits,” both drawings or paintings, which are unique holiday gifts. The best way I can think to describe this form of art is intuitive drawing. I have never met Linda in person, but through the power of Facebook she did a soul portrait of me. It was an amazing experience and I did in fact get a clear message. Linda also sent me her interpretation of the meaning. She does not know this, but I’ve made some big changes that she mentioned before I even implemented them or knew I was going to make those changes. Uncanny!

Linda’s explanation: “Soul portraits are visual messages that come through me to assist the person whose portrait I am drawing. These visual metaphors are intended to inspire each person so they see their highest potential. It helps them to move past fear in order to live life more fully. When in a state of trust, my hand draws freely. I shift to feeling from my heart rather than my mind and trust the process of creativity — that which cannot be explained.”

Linda is represented by Fieldstone Gallery in Ramsey, N.J., and her studio in Newburgh is open to the public by appointment. Call 567-0060 or visit her website at for information about workshops and more.

Claudia is a decorator, professional stager and owner of Claudia Jacobs Designs in Goshen. Visit or call her at 294-8993. Send questions and photos to

Love is in the Air by Linda Richichi

Love is in the Air by Linda Richichi














July 2010

Door   County’s Plein Air Paint Out in Wisconsin

invites Richichi to Return

July 19- 25, 2010


This event went very well.  Several works of art were added to the collections of Wisconsin residents. Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor now has new works as well.


June 2009

‘Revolution’ taps into the ‘Collective Unconsciousness’

“Revolution”, a mixed media exhibit showcasing the varied styles of Town of Newburgh-based artist Linda Richichi, will be on display at the Beacon Artists Union Gallery through the beginning of July.
Those familiar with Richichi’s past work have come to expect colorful, plein air landscapes from the Hudson Valley, Europe and the American Southwest. However, in her newest body of work, Richichi turns her focus to a landscape populated by mysterious figures, symbols and archetypes, created with pastel, oil paints and even collage.
The imagery is so inexplicable, says the artist, that not even she can fully explain it. “Revolution” was born when Richichi noticed the same shapes and figures appearing in her paintings- almost against her will- over and over again.
“It feels like it’s been channeled through me.” She said. “I didn’t understand in the beginning why these images were coming.”
Commonly occurring in her artwork for about a decade has been a black woman of unknown ethnic origin from what Richichi thinks are “ancient times”. Richichi feels she is a positive symbol of femininity and power; though plenty of interpretations are possible, she said. Thus, in addition to the landscapes she’s painted for years, several works featuring the puzzling woman and the imagery surrounding her will be appearing in the gallery.
“I’m discovering it as I go along,” she said.
Richichi suggests that perhaps the imagery is flowing from what late psychologist Carl Jung called the “collective unconscious,” a theoretical part of the conscious mind shared by all people that is the product of “ancestral experience”. She added that many of the images are similar to the “universal archetypes” that author Joseph Campbell believed are the genesis of folklore and myths from cultures around the world.
“I feel like I’m tapping into something that is way bigger than me, “said Richichi. “At first it was odd because as I would paint, something would show up that I didn’t intend to happen. This has become  exciting.  Some days I watch my hand paint. She cited an incident where she was painting her niece, but then the subject matter took an unexpected turn.
“In the middle of it, I said,” This doesn’t want to be you. This wants to be a woman of color.’ She then wanted a mask on her,” said Richichi.
Richichi said she was afraid at first to reveal what was coming up with on the canvas. ” At first I was feeling like, ‘Okay, I’m going crazy here.” she said, but upon talking to other artists, Richichi discovered similar themes had cropped up in their works as well.   Now, she says, she’s finally comfortable exploring unknown places within and exhibiting the unusual works.

Richichi is a member of the Pastel Society of America, a signature member of both the New York and the International Plein Air Painters and a charter member of the Landscape Artists International.
“Revolution” is on display at BAU Gallery, 161 Main St., Beacon, NY through July 5. Gallery hours are Fri, Sat, Sun from noon to 6 pm. and visits are available by appointment as well. For more information regarding the exhibit, contact the gallery at 440-7584 or visit Linda
2009 Schedule for World Tour
Linda Richichi is included in World Tour Contemporary Landscape

Click here for more info.

January 2008

Richichi Travels Nationally to Three Invitational Paint Outs!

Join Linda in 2008 at three National paint outs. In April she travels to Florida, in July to Wisconsin and Rye, NY in September. She will be amoung a select number of national artists invited to paint in the area for a period of time with a benefit auction to follow. It is an opportunity to watch the artists work on location, go home with a work of art while supporting a great cause. ” At Door County in 2007 my work sold out in the first evening. The Quick Paint Event was fun and my work was sought after.
The Rye Paint Out was enjoyed by all. Both places invited me back for 2008. I look forward to seeing my friends again from last year and making new ones this year!”
Notification from the most prestigious Southern US Paint Out – Florida’s Eden Invitational Paint Out in Gainsville, FL was just received. It runs from April 11- 18th, 2008 and will also feature Richichi’s work . More details to come soon.

February 10, 2008

Linda’s work published in the Richeson 75 International Artist Choice 2008.

This year Linda’s painting of Tuscan Vista was selected to be included in the book published by the Richeson School of Art and Gallery Competition. For more information visit

March 1 – March 5
Linda Richichi invited to exhibit at the NY ART EXPO in NYC at the Jacob Javit’s Center from March 1-5th, 2007 in the Art Exchange’s Booth. The public is invited March 3-5th, 2007.  Please stop by and introduce yourself!

Linda Richichi received the Purchase Award for Best In Show at the fourth annual International Plein Air Painters Worldwide Paint Out in Niagara Falls, Ontario in 2006.
The purchase award was given by the City of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. This was the first year that the Mayors Niagara Falls, NY, USA and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada supported the event.
The paint out was held in at least six different countries simultaneously on the same weekend. Jacqueline Baldini, founder of the IPAP presented the awards. Linda’s 11 x 14″ pastel painting titled “Niagara Colors” now hangs in the permanent collection of the City of Niagara Falls, Ontario. Photos of the event coming soon under the Artist – photo section.

Raymond J. Steiner from Art Times reviews the Colors of the Hudson Valley Show at RiverWinds Gallery in the June 2006 edition of Art Times!
To read the article, Click Here).

The Landscape Artists International founder Karl Lietzel invites Linda Richichi to become a charter member of the newly formed LAI.

To find out more about this organization or how to register if you are an artist interested in becoming a part of this group, click on the link.

International Plein Air Painters honors Richichi with Signature Status (that basically means that Linda can sign IPAP after her name to show they give their seal of approval for exceptional work). This organization represents 19 countries.
To find out more about this organization or how to register if you are an artist interested in becoming a part of this group, click on the link.

New York Plein Air Painters also gives Signature Status to Richichi.

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