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Press Release: For Immediate Release

Far and Near Horizons – Places of Interest Tour book


Far and Near Horizons

The World Tour of Contemporary Landscape Artists

2013 Tour

March 5-23, 2013 (Reception March 9)
New Century Artists
530 West 25th Street, Suite 406 
New York, New York, USA
Host Artist: Linda Richichi

April 4-28, 2013 (Reception April 5)
Green Drake Gallery and Arts Center 
101 W Main Street, PO Box 609
Millheim, Pennsylvania, USA
Host Artist: Karl Eric Leitzel

The tour has traveled around North America since starting in 2007 at the Karpeles Museum on the Hudson River in Newburgh, NY. Other stops in 2007-2009 included Colorado, Wisconsin, Florida, New York, and British Columbia, Canada. This new segment of the tour consists of 15 international artists from the U.S., including Hawaii, as well as Canada, Brazil, Scotland and Australia.  Participating artists include signature members of International Plein Air Painters and charter members of Landscape Artists International as well as four guest artists.  Artists include Linda Richichi, founder of WTCLA, J.R. Baldini, founder of IPAP, Karl Eric Leitzel, founder of LAI, Christophe Cardot, Margaret Evans, D.F. Gray, Debra Grosser, Julie Houck, Georgia Mansur, Carol McCardle, Kathryn A. McMahon, Sandra Nunes, Larry Seiler, Lelija Roy, and Janice Warriner.

Each of these artists seeks to capture the beautiful and unique of their part of the world, with each piece reflecting the style and medium of the artist. There is something for every lover of fine art, from precisely rendered realism to classical and contemporary impressionism, and even boldly expressionistic work. Both organizations recognize the validity and value of the unique creative spirit behind each member’s approach to the landscape.

The newly created Far and Near Horizons Book will be available for purchase at the exhibits or online.

World Tour online:

International Plein Air Painters online:

Landscape Artists International online:


Press Release (Sept 2012)

Bagno Vignoni View Pastel Linda Richichi 11″ x 14″

Contact for information about this press release: Mary Ann Glass 845-632-2174 or Linda Hubbard at 845-838-2880

“Sempre Italiani” – Photographs by Mary Ann Glass & Pastel Paintings by Linda Richichi

September 8 – October 7, 2012

Artist Reception: September 8, 5 – 8pm (Beacon Second Saturday)
Artists’ Talk: Thursday September 13, 7 pm
RiverWinds Gallery, 172 Main Street, Beacon NY 12508
Open W-Mon 12-6, 12-9 2nd Saturdays
RiverWinds Gallery at 172 Main Street in Beacon presents “Sempre Italiani” – by photographer Mary Ann Glass and pastel painter Linda Richichi. The opening reception for the show is September 8, 5 – 8pm (Beacon Second Saturday). In addition, Mary Ann and Linda will talk about how their art has enriched their Italian travels on September 13, 7pm.  Sempre Italiani roughly translates as forever Italian, the Italy that remains, sustains, defines. The photographs and paintings in this exhibit encompass both the rural and the metropolitan images that are typically, wonderfully, uniquely Italian. This show runs through October 7, 2012.
“All the photos in this exhibit were taken this summer,” Mary Ann explains. “I spent 10 days in Italy this past July — three days in Rome, and a week in a villa near Todi, with trips to Orvieto, Assisi, Civita di Bagnoregio, DeRuta, and an abandoned village tucked into a hillside.”
For this trip she brought a Nikon digital camera and for the first time, an iPhone. “The digital camera was best for describing the Umbrian landscape – I focused on the layers of history implied in the vistas and details of the landscape,” she said. “As for Rome, I mostly used the iPhone. Having been to Rome numerous times and perused the major, must-see sights, I felt free on this trip to just wander the streets. There’s ancient Rome, medieval Rome, baroque Rome…This show celebrates everyday Rome.
“I was strongly drawn to the walls lining the streets and their layers of homely history. Taking these photographs with my iPhone was sheer fun,” she said. “I could not have been more content. Finally, before boarding the airplane, I made a special trip to Trevi Fountain, throwing a coin into its waters to ensure my return.”
The Italian works of art featured in this exhibit give you an idea not only what if looks like in Tuscany and Umbria but what you can expect to sense when there. Linda Richichi explains, “Painting ‘en plein air’ (“in open air” on location) for me is an opportunity to connect to our source. It is like feeling the spirit of the land is dancing in front of my eyes. I aim to capture on canvas that magical moment of connection. Color and line are used intuitively to recreate and transfer that energy. The work then allows you to “feel the energy” like a breath of fresh air does in spring which brings wonderful chi (energy) to your interior environment.”
About RiverWinds Gallery
RiverWinds Gallery is celebrating its ninth year of showcasing and supporting Hudson Valley Artists, and providing a venue of outstanding fine art and unique gifts. It is a multifaceted art space featuring over 35 of the finest artists. The Gallery offers traditional fine art paintings and photography plus contemporary crafts including ceramics, pottery, stationery, jewelry, scarves and hand-dyed yarn.
RiverWinds Gallery, LLC, is a member of the Beacon Arts Community Association (BACA) and Art Along the Hudson
Location: RiverWinds Gallery, 172 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508, 845-838-2880.
Hours: Wednesday – Monday 12-6 p.m. Beacon Second Saturday 12-9 p.m.
Directions: Route 84 exit 11, take Route 9D South, turn left at Main Street. RiverWinds Gallery is on the left, a block and half east on Main Street.
Bagno Vignoni View 11″ x 14″ Pastel en plein air Linda Richichi, IPAP



May 2, 2012

Two Local Women Win Top National Award in Holistic Category

Contact: Jean Campbell Galli Top National Award Winners in Holistic Category

Deborah Hanlon and Linda Richichi Winners

Not one, but two inspirational women from the Hudson Valley are winners of the 2012 Readers’ Choice Award for their intuitive abilities, Deborah Hanlon and Linda Richichi. Owned by the New York Times, is an on-line information resource with topic sites for everyday living.  Both women were nominated under the Holistic Healing category and overwhelmingly won their respective area. Hanlon won for Best Psychic Medium and is well known for connecting to people who have died. Her website, encourages to “Learn to trust your own intuition with your loved ones.” Richichi won for Best Intuitive Artist. Her Soul Portraits, Goddess Vision artwork and workshops are creative and powerful tools that explore the higher self and can be seen on her online gallery at

Hanlon and Richichi also happen to live in Newburgh, New York and until a few months ago had only heard of one another through mutual friends and clients.  They finally met when Richichi exhibited her artwork at the spiritual center Hanlon owns. The two share the same desire, to help others realize their own intuitive abilities.

“When people hear the word psychic or intuitive, eyes roll,” Richichi said in an interview. So she defines it in a way that people can relate. “Have you ever had a gut feeling about something and it proved to be right. That’s intuition. It comes from deep within and can give you real insight, if you let it.”   For Hanlon, when people question the things they’re experiencing around someone who died she tells them, ”Trust what you are feeling. That ‘something’ you see out of the corner of your eye, or items being ‘misplaced’, that were a favorite of the deceased, is their way of letting you know they’re around.”

Embracing their own intuitive gifts has been a journey for both. For Hanlon, “I can’t say there was one particular moment that made me realize I was psychic. It didn’t just happen, it evolved.” One of her earliest memories was after her brother died when she was a child. “I spoke to my brother and it gave me great comfort.  For me it was a coping method, almost like praying. I thought it was make believe, I didn’t know.” Looking back, she realizes she had numerous experiences, but didn’t take them too seriously. Then in her early twenties, Hanlon had a powerful dream, a visit from her deceased grandfather who she barely knew, her father’s father. She recalls, “He told me, ‘you and your sister have a gift and you have the power’.  And I knew what he meant.”

Richichi also has early memories.  ““I thought every artist tapped into the muse. That’s how I defined it. As a teen, I would find metaphors in my paintings and they would teach me something.” Realizing not everyone related to how she painted, Richichi kept this gift to herself. She then went on to build her reputation as an award-winning and internationally recognized plein air artist.

It was through painting portraits that her intuitive powers would find their way back into her artwork. As Richichi puts it, “ I did a portrait for a woman and added things in the background, a bridge and symbols that I felt needed to be there. Turns out those ‘things’ meant something to her!”  Her earlier portraits were a prelude to the soul portraits Richichi does today. They capture the essence of the individual, things that are unseen. Often she is given just a name or a photo. Using symbols, metaphors and even words to create it, Richichi describes a soul portrait as a confirmation of that person’s gifts.

Over the past few years, Richichi has been exploring and sharing her spiritual works, soul portraits and goddess vision workshops and paintings with other intuitives like Hanlon. Being an Intuitive Artist isn’t just about painting for Richichi, but something much more. “I want my art to assist and empower others. To encourage them to go for their potential by seeing what their higher self has for them.”  Her goddess vision workshops are designed to do just that. Each month, they focus on a different goddess and her energy. From Aphrodite and her energy around love, to Kali who gives us the confidence to get through the dark aspects of ourselves to Lakshimi, the goddess who invites abundance, to name just a few.   The workshops enable participants to manifest these images through collage, embracing that particular goddess and what she can bring to their life.  The workshops are always full.

For both women, winning the award confirms what they know to be true; there is a real need for what they do, even among the doubters, like this testimonial from Brian after a session with Hanlon.  “I’m still trying to really process what went on last time because honestly I’m still amazed, I’m usually one of the biggest skeptics out there.” Hanlon has done thousands of readings around the country. She rarely encounters someone who does not leave feeling comforted or inspired.

In  2007, Hanlon opened her spiritual center called the Center for Being, Knowing, Doing. It enabled her to expand and offer a variety of programs. She recalls, “I started doing readings at house gatherings, meeting at friend’s homes with their friends. Then things just grew so I needed my own space. Now I can provide readings, workshops, meditations and invite inspirational people like Linda Richichi to share their gifts.”

Hanlon has also become a radio celebrity on some of the local stations in the Hudson Valley and Albany area. Listed on one station’s website as “Intuitive Tuesdays”, her call-in readings jam the phone lines.

For many, their first introduction to Hanlon has been in person, at one of the numerous gallery events at restaurants and various venues in New York, Vermont and even California. Here, for a flat price, participants experience an evening like no other and may even get a personal reading, too. Not everyone gets one, but for many it doesn’t matter. They know they just took part in something special. That’s because Hanlon encouraged them to trust their own intuition. So, maybe, just maybe, those “feelings” they experience every now and then aren’t so crazy. Winners


Press Release

January 17, 2012
Contact: Jean Campbell Galli

Richichi Honors “Transition” at the Ritz

Local artist Linda Richichi’s solo show “Transition” at the Ritz Theater in Newburgh, January 21 through April, expands her well known plein air paintings to reflect her powerful intuitive insight. Richichi explores beyond the physical to connect with the spirit, revealing nature’s energy in all its mystery and beauty. Her paintings uncover a woman, perhaps a goddess, emerging on the edge of the horizon, hints of glorious angels peering from behind golden-lit clouds, horses storming through the sunset. Be prepared to experience a glimpse into the divine as Richichi beholds the sacred in nature.

For Richichi, this latest show represents her own transition as she goes from being a traditional plein air painter to an intuitive artist. Richichi has found that, “Intuition allows me to be immersed in a higher power energy, combining what is seen with the unseen. It means trusting that what is put before me is meant to be. And I do trust it because the more I let my intuition speak, the more my art touches people like no other work I’ve done before.”

It’s only appropriate that this unique show is housed in the Ritz Theater, 107 Broadway in Newburgh, a space that has been going through its own transition as a cultural destination for extraordinary talent in the Hudson Valley.

If you have ever looked at nature or marveled at the sky feeling there is more there than what the eye can see,  Richichi’s show is a must.  This exhibit at the Ritz is open daily from 9 – 5. For more information on Linda Richichi and her artwork, upcoming exhibits and intuitive art workshops visit


Richichi – Revelation

March 6- May 1, 2011

Opening Reception:

March 20th  1pm – 4pm

at the UUCRT

9 Vance Road

Rock Tavern, NY 12575

for more info: 917 613 3489



Linda Richichi, IPAP, NYPAP

Linda is one of the most respected Plein Air painters under the sun…the rain…and the snow. Her search for truth began over twenty years ago and is now presented from two distinct perspectives at a solo exhibit at the UU Gallery.  The exhibit runs from March 6- May 1 with an opening reception March 20th from 1 – 4 pm :

The Landscape

Entering UU Gallery, you are struck by the life that is within. You are drawn irresistibly into each  stunning landscape to experience the total immersion that the artist herself experienced. “In warm weather I am pulled to paint in nature ‘en Plein Air’ (in open air). With the sun at my back I connect to the energy, the spirit of the land.” When Linda emerges from her reverie in the wild, she brings back a captivating vision that stirs the artist’s soul that is in us all.

The Soulscape

Besides trudging along New York’s wetlands and over Tuscany’s rolling hills, Linda explores her inner world, as well. “For me, painting is a pilgrimage into the deepest reaches of my soul. Art has given me the opportunity to glimpse at the worlds beyond the physical,” says Linda. Her lyrical work finds its genesis in nature evolving into wonderful, dreamy mixed-media treatments.

Two sides, two styles…Linda willfully surrenders to the mysterious muse within, which guides her from one world to the other. “In the studio I sometimes dance to disengage the mind allowing the creative force to play along. Now, I watch the brush paint.”

-          Richard DePascal (fellow plein air painter and former student of  Richichi)

Richichi has exhibited extensively including the prestigious National Arts Club in New York City with the Pastel Society of America.  Her work has been traveling with the World Tour Exhibition titled “Far and Near Horizons” which includes work of 24 Contemporary Landscape Artists selected from the International Plein Air Painters and the Landscape Artists InternationaI organizations. To date this exhibit has traveled to Florida, Wisconsin, Colorado and British Columbia in Canada.

Linda often attends national invitational plein air events during each year.  Her work is in private and corporate collections internationally.  She was commissioned by Mercedes Benz Corporation and The Rowley Family Birthing Center at Orange Regional Medical Center (for an entire collection) and ORMC has newly acquired a large scale landscape for their new hospital.  Since 1996 the Harness Racing Museum in Goshen, NY has commissioned Richichi to annually paint a portrait. Richichi was the Artist – in – Residence at the SUNY Orange at the Newburgh Extension in 2008.

Linda is also represented by Fieldstone Fine Art in Ramsey, NJ and Woodwalk Gallery in Wisconsin. Her work is on occasion seen in numerous Hudson Valley Galleries.  To follow her work visit and her blog.

Call the studio for more information.  845 527-1146






6 Countries Participate in WORLDWIDE PAINTING EVENT

Some of the World’s most talented outdoor painters brought their paint boxes and easels to paint the magnificence of Niagara Falls in a Worldwide Painting Event.  Globally landscape painters who work outside in the open air (plein air) painted on location at predetermined locations on September 8 – 10th.  This plein air tradition began in the 1800′s but has recently taken on a universal comeback. The sponsoring organization worked at making this the largest paint out in history. Groups of artists in six countries signed up to participate.   The event in Niagara Falls ended with an exhibition and reception where awards were given for outstanding work.  There were nine artists in attendance from the lower region of the State of New York which included Garin Baker, Patricia Dunn, Shawn Dell Joyce, Laura Martinez- Bianco, Margaret Morales, Linda Richichi, Penny Thelman, Bruce Thorne and Lita Thorne.  Three New York State artists were awarded.  They are Garin Baker, New Windsor,NY with an IPAP Members Award, Patricia Dunn, Sparrowbush, NY, with an Honorable Mention in the Quick Draw Competition and a Purchase Award, for Best of Show to Linda Richichi, Newburgh, NY.

The event had the support of both The City of Niagara Falls, Ontario and The City of Niagara Falls, New York.  The purchased painting, Colors of Niagara, an 11 x 14” pastel of the Canadian Falls by Richichi will be a part of the permanent collection of the City of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada and will hang in Mayor Ted Salci’s office.  “I love the winning artwork.  It is incredibly
beautiful and will look great alongside our other displayed pieces. ” commented Mayor Salci.   “ What an honor to have the support of two city governments of neighboring countries behind us.” responded Richichi who is a Signature Member of both the International and New York Plein Air Painters. This is the first time both cities were involved in this event.  Mayor Vince Anello of Niagara Falls, New York, USA was in attendance and congratulated all the participants.

Attending artists were informed that because of the vision of one artist named Frederic Church from the original Hudson River School of Art in the 1800’s, the area around Niagara Falls became a protected site so that it could be appreciated for generations to come.  “Art adds to a community, attracts a core of people who are intelligent, creative and bring new ideas. They have a lot of energy, which is a really wonderful thing for a community to have.”  says International Plein Air Painters ( IPAP) founder Jacqueline Baldini at the 2006 Worldwide Painting Event in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Plein air artists seek the quality of natural light and atmosphere outdoors.  Their art work is in direct response to the beauty they find in nature.  They use a variety of media, from oils, through watercolors and pastels. “We had a great time and it was magnificent painting the falls, it was awesome.” exclaims Garin Baker, a muralist whose work includes the Trestle Project currently underway in Newburgh, NY.  “I had an enjoyable time and felt welcome and at home, the views were spectacular.” adds Patricia Dunn, a member of the newly formed Wallkill River School in the lower Hudson Valley, NY.

This event was the fourth WORLDWIDE group event hosted in Niagara Falls.  Local artists who chose not to travel to Niagara Falls  participated in this worldwide painting event at a location in Nyack, New York.  Members of the NY Plein Air Painters (NYPAP) which includes many artists from the New York City area participated as well.  Each week members of the NYPAP and IPAP are gathered in groups in cities and countrysides capturing their surroundings.  IPAP, with members who reside throughout the World, is the blanket organization for individual plein air groups and was created for the sole purpose of advancing the execution and enjoyment of plein air painting without limitations of borders or regions. Its members share inspiration and encouragement both on the Internet and at “paint outs”.  “My sense was that visitors to the park really enjoyed our presence and  the chance to watch art in the making. I can’t tell you how many people stopped to watch, talk, and ask if they could have their picture taken with me and my work on the easel. People of every
imaginable nationality. Niagara Falls is truly a cosmopolitan place.” says Karl Eric Leitzel, third place award winner in the Quick Draw competition from PA and the founder of the Landscape Artists International which is a group of professional artists that are visible through the internet.  “Art is a connecting force.  It is the universal language and pulls people together. ” adds Richichi.

If you would like to participate or learn more about IPAP you may go directly to the website at,  or call the Regional Ambassador at 845 567-0060.

Photo:  Mayor Ted Salci of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada with Linda Richichi, Best of Show and IPAP founder Jacqueline Baldini

Photo: Mayor Ted Salci of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada with Best of Show Pastel Painting, Niagara Colors by Linda Richichi

New ‘plein air’ pastels at River Winds Gallery

RiverWinds Gallery, 172 Main Street, Beacon, is featuring new pastels by “plein air” RiverWinds artist Linda Richichi from May 13 through June 5, 2006.

In between her worldwide travels, Linda has taken much time this last year capturing “plein air” landscapes from the lower Hudson Valley region. Her dazzling colors spring forth from every painting which stimulate the senses.

There will be an artist reception Beacon Second Saturday, May 13, 6-9pm

Richichi recently received a major honor from the International Plein Air Painters (I.P.A.P.) organizations. I.P.A.P. is made up of 19 different Plein Air Painting organizations throughout 11 different countries. This year Richichi was selected along with only two other artists worldwide for Signature Status. This earns her the right to place the initials of the organization, I.P.A.P. , after her signature on her plein air paintings. The initials signify the organization’s recognition for outstanding work. The New York Plein Air Painters honored her with Signature Status as well this year.

“En plein air” is French meaning in open air or out of doors. This mode of painting was made popular in France in the 1800s by the Impressionists. There is a strong global movement to keep this tradition alive. Richichi is also the Regional Ambassador for the International Plein Air Painters to recruit others to take their easels outside in the light. Those interested in finding out more are free to contact her and request an application. ” My aim is to discover and capture what cannot be seen. Intuition leads the way. I enjoy painting in outdoors as all the senses can be employed.” says the artist. “Being in nature in silence is essential to discover who I am and what I want to say through my paintings. As I follow my heart I am taken to extraordinary places that are filled with beauty.”

Born in Montgomery, her mother gave Linda her first easel at age two. She earned her first award and commission at the age of sixteen. Numerous awards have been earned through the years. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from SUNY, New Paltz and many years of study thereafter. A scholarship from the Pastel Society of America was awarded to Richichi to attend classes at the Art Students League in NYC in 1999. Soon after, she was the accepted into the Pastel Society’s show at the National Arts Club in New York City. In 2003 Linda was inducted in the Pastel Society of America as a juried associate member. Richichi shares her time painting with teaching art classes at Orange County Community College. She teaches “plein air” painting from her studio and in 2004 and 2005 she conducted workshops around the country, in Tuscany, Italy and Paris, France. Her work can be found in private and public collections around the country and abroad.

Richichi will be hosting an all day “paint out” on June 6 in the Newburgh area for the members of the Lower Hudson Valley Plein Air Painters which is a chapter of the NYPAP. Artists will each pick a spot and capture their experience on canvas. It will be held at the newly named Stewart State Forest near Stewart International Airport. Worldwide plein air painters are cognizant of the disappearing landscapes. They often choose sights that are in jeapordy of being lost to development. Richichi chose her paint out location in the Stewart State Forest to celebrate the recent permanent preservation of this land filled with flora and fauna. Visitors are welcome to watch the artists as they work.

In addition to Richichi’s paintings, RiverWinds Gallery features more than 40 Hudson Valley artists. There are traditional fine art and contemporary crafts including ceramics, pottery, cards, paintings, photography, jewelry, apparel, and home decor.

Gallery hours are Wednesday – Monday 12 – 6pm and 9pm on Second Saturday.

Directions: Route 84 exit 11, take Route 9D South, turn left at Main Street. The Gallery is on the left, a block and half East on Main Street.

For further information: call 845-838-2880

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