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 4 week class   
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 I teach Intro to Art at the college level.

98% of my students at the college don’t believe they are artists when they walk into my classroom.  What they create by the end of the term is enlightening.

Did you know that most people are afraid to draw or paint?


When I hear the words… “I am not creative,” I wonder, what else do you tell yourself you can’t do?

“I am not good at, good enough, or as good as”.


These words put us in a box. We have so many boxes in our lives that we really do not know who we are.

You can learn to get out:  (Here is an over simplification of the process I teach).

* Step one:   Draw a box – this represents a fear you have.  (Go ahead, it is safe on paper to do this.)

* Step two:   Draw yourself in your box. (Stick figures work here just fine.)

* Step three: Draw yourself moving out of the box. How do you get out of the box? This is where

I come in and guide you so you can see your options, new perspectives, etc.

In the class you will see how..  where are you going? What are you

If you are like most people, you do not know yet.   


What is next can be “revolutionary” .  

(This is where it begins to get really amazing.)


Answering questions by drawing your intution & imagination reveals a new life narrative.

In this new story, you are able to see what you are not doing now that keeps you from knowing happiness.

Your logical mind figures out how to begin.   Anything is possible.  

Learning to create art that is both expressive and purposeful allows you to see past your fears. 

Clear the energy around old beliefs to allow a more positive outcome in your life.


Fear of creating ART =  FEART, a curable disease (dis ease).

Fear stops you from being creative. Fear is nothing but False Evidence Appearing Real.


Expand your imagination to overcome FEAR. (Or stay in the box.)

Nothing changes unless something changes and the easiest thing to change is your perception.

Once a perception is expanded, you see options you never knew were possible. Life begins to be more interesting.


Draw Out Greatness to be free from self-imposed limitations.  

You created almost  all the limitations you have based on your past thoughts.

Discover how to reframe the self limiting thoughts using art. 

We utilize exercises that slowly take you to a place where you are comfortable drawing.

In the meantime, you are able to see yourself in a whole new light. Seeing, Being, Doing, Knowing more than you do

right now… all because of art. Can you afford not to pick up a pencil and DRAW OUT GREATNESS?

 Find your creative self today….  Register here.

Discover how shapes have meanings.                                                                                 


Did you know that a circle is a more loving shape than a box? 

If you draw boxes you are probably need more organization, structure or security.


Circles surrounded by circles 
tell us that you care about family, and are more probably a loving person.

Circles represent completion,
love and wholeness.

You can overcome FEART and be 
free to express yourself more visually.


Imagine drawing a diagram without embarrassment to explain your plan to a client? 

Imagine learning more about someone by seeing the patterns in their tie.


This four week class includes basic painting & drawing skills, collaging to see what is
possible in your life and creating a mandala- a self portrait that reflect
inspirational symbols that will have deep meaning to you. 


 Register today for a life altering experience

Join the creative art movement today- find your creative voice. YOU CAN.




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